Summer here, lately: Firming up our summer roadtrip plans, bookending August with trips to Memphis and Knoxville, Tennessee.
The moon over the Tennessee River
A few evenings ago I was outside with Bella, tending to the wilting plants and flowers, when a group of chatty teenage girls walk by. All of a sudden a girl yells out “Oh, wow! Look at the moon!”

The girls began swiftly dialing their friends to tell them, too, to look at the moon, a gorgeous July Thunder Moon.

So there we were, moon-gazing, sky-sighing, all thanks to one charming, enthusiastic teenager, excitedly gazing at the beautiful moon lighting up the neighborhood and the farm fields of our place down by the river.

A small pocket of time passing: I love the quiet and the solitude with unexpected breaks for things like en masse moon-gazing and deer sightings.  I’m still amazed by the cotton farm fields and the density of trees.

If it wasn’t for spending my entire life in a major metropolis, I don’t think I’d appreciate being rural like this now - yet I miss my life in California.

But, hey! Look at the moon!

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